Wireless Solutions

A mobile workforce is the face of your organization and an essential part of your communication with your customer base. Equipping them with the right tools and applications directly impacts a customer’s perception of your company and your bottom line.

Our team of mobility experts will manage the fulfillment and deployment process from beginning to end, ensuring you get the best rates possible, promotional credits, and discounts with the provider that best meets your mobile business needs.

Once a solution has been identified, we have a dedicated sales support team to facilitate the entire implementation process. In addition, we offer our clients a generous device buyback program that includes a Certificate of Data Deletion and Certificate of Data Destruction. This gives our clients and partners not only cash back for retired devices but also the necessary data to ensure their devices have been handled correctly and with the highest integrity.

On orders of 50 lines and less, Baycom Allied will also pre-load third party software or applications onto devices at no additional costs.

AT&T Wireless

As a certified AT&T Solution Provider, Baycom Allied is proud to offer the nation’s fastest mobile broadband network. AT&T serves millions of customers and enables them to travel and communicate seamlessly with the best worldwide wireless coverage, offering the most phones that work in the most countries.Our dedicated back end team of mobility experts will analyze the details of your bills and formulate a competitive quote to guarantee you get the best deal possible based on numbers gathered from our billing analysis. We also work hand in hand with AT&T to deliver customized monthly pricing and equipment for certain industry verticals.

Competitive Bill Analysis

With mobility invoices sometimes reaching hundreds of pages long, it is virtually impossible to keep track of what you are being charged and why. More often than not, invoices arrive and paychecks go out. This could be costing your business thousands of dollars per year! At Baycom Allied, we specialize in detailed bill reviews and audits that identify line by line usage, one time charges, unauthorized add-ons and more.A comprehensive bill analysis is also key when moving from one provider to the next. Baycom Allied understands that details make for informed customers. Informed customers tend to be happy customers. And informed happy customers are more likely to purchase goods and services. Let us help you make an informed decision and handle the deployment process of your next wireless purchase.

Staging & Kitting

One of the most time consuming aspects of any mobile solution deployment is the delivery and loading of software and applications onto devices. A successful and coordinated deployment is essential in order to minimize downtime and seamlessly transition from one provider to the next. This is why Baycom Allied offers our clients and partners staging and kitting services. We do so to ensure all devices are field ready upon arrival and to determine if product or application training will be necessary.

Buy Back Program

Baycom Allied offers a generous buy-back program that provides an unexpected revenue source for our clients and partners that can significantly offset the cost when moving from one provider to the next.We partner with industry professionals that work with the utmost integrity to ensure all devices we receive are wiped and reset to the device’s factory settings. We then provide our clients with a Certificate of Data Deletion and Certificate of Data Destruction to guarantee you that the devices have been handled correctly and with the highest integrity. Checks are delivered back to you approximately 30 days from the day the devices were received at our facilities.

Non Stocked Equipment

Certain industries require more than just your standard smartphone, tablet, or basic phone. Rugged devices are sometimes required to stand up to harsh conditions on all kinds of job sites. Barcode scanners & inventory tools are also needed to perform daily functions. Baycom Allied has access to the equipment you need and we pair it with only the top wireless providers to deliver a comprehensive & customized solution for your business.