Mobile Applications

More than ever, businesses are utilizing mobile applications to increase productivity in almost any department across their organizations. But what applications are best suited for your business process? How do you compare one application to the next? What platform will you use with what device?

Baycom Allied has a multitude of partners and vendors that offer various applications that will meet your organizations’ specific needs and requirements. We handle all of the dirty work and present you with just the right solution.

Fleet Management

Fleet management solutions give you constant visibility into fleet operations to get you and your customers the information you need when you need it. Today, close to 80% of companies with 25 vehicles or less do not have a fleet management solution. The other 20% are benefiting from reduced fuel costs, visibility into speed & time stopped, idling, MPG, engine diagnostics, improved driver behavior, compliance with regulations and much more. When you factor in the amount of money you save by reducing your gas costs by just 10%, the solution pays for itself. Talk to one of our mobility solution experts to get started.

Location based services

Thousands of companies are already reaping the benefits of location based applications. We help our clients choose the necessary tools to better monitor remote assets, remote workers and fleets of vehicles. Fleet management solutions, as noted above, can reduce fuel cost, reduce fines on the road, and improve the longevity and maintenance of vehicles.Location based services can also cut paper process time through the elimination of tedious paper logs. Payroll expenses are impacted through the reduction of overtime pay for employees being compensated extra hours they do not work and you have no way to verify. Location based services are now also being used to service customers no matter where they are or what carrier they are with. These are just some of the tools at your disposal.

Mobile Device Management

In order to control cost and optimize performance of devices on the field, businesses of all sizes are deploying MDM solutions to manage countless useful applications. Baycom Allied can provide your business with the solutions it needs to deploy, configure, update, and trouble shoot applications remotely without interrupting users. Monitor and control the devices that are connecting to your network via a web based console. Should a device go missing or get stolen, you have the ability to lock and wipe devices of sensitive data, remotely.

Mobile Marketing

With mobile marketing solutions, you can effectively analyze the effectiveness of your mobile marketing campaign, keep up with your customers by adding the convenience of mobile payments, and target your campaigns to specific audiences and much more. Text messages and QR codes, for example, are now being widely utilized as a means to build databases for future campaigns. Let us show you what mobile marketing can do for you.